“”He seemed to be passionate about what he was doing and the people he was doing it for… He is one of those lawyers who cares about his clients.”

Darren Lipari
Business Owner

“I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in… I felt very confident that he was going to get me results … Working with Josh is like working with your friend.”

Amy M.
Single Mother

“Josh said that I had nothing to worry about and he was a hundred percent right… It’s a great firm, people I believe in.”

Scott Hersh
Single Father

“It’s more in his heart… he wants to make sure he gives you the satisfaction of the outcome you are looking for. Out of all the attorneys I have ever used, Ketover And Associates proved to be the highest, most concerned and personalized attorney.”

Brian Englander
Retired Firefighter

“When he’s dealing with a guy who has millions and a guy who has hundreds, they both get represented the same exact way… he gives you everything he’s got.”

Sal Tamburello
Amy Molfetta

“They’re not the type of firm that will just look to grab your money. They’re willing to work with you and that alone put me at ease for such a difficult crisis in my life.”

Errol Thenstead
Municipal Worker