About Us

At Family Legal Help, we have negotiated many settlement agreements as well as litigated numerous divorces. Our divorce attorneys understand how devastating a divorce can be on an entire family and are determined to assist clients through the myriad of challenges that they are about to face with compassion and uncompromising representation.

Our divorce attorneys represent clients in all types of divorces, including uncontested divorces with no children and little property to intricate dissolutions of marriages involving significant asset distribution and contested child custody disputes. Our divorce attorneys at Family Legal Help focus their attention on achieving our clients’ long term goals with professionalism, compassion and dedication.

Since every decision in a divorce proceeding can ultimately impact your family, we will review all options applicable to your circumstances. We will carefully navigate you through the process so that you can make rational decisions rather than allowing your emotions to cloud your thought process. We believe that a negotiated settlement between the parties involved can help minimize the stress of a divorce, but sometimes the other side is unreasonable leaving no choice but to fight in court. When it becomes clear your spouse will not negotiate fairly and amicably, we immediately begin divorce proceedings leading to trial. In some instances this can be avoided, in others we must begin the court fight right away. Every case is unique and the attorneys at Family Legal HelpĀ is there every step of the way, zealously representing you, always protecting your rights while keeping the other side in check. For a free consultation contact us.